Ski the Alps - Combining Culture and Adventure

Stretching 750 miles across Europe, from the Mediterranean through eight countries, the Alps are steeped in centuries of unique mountain culture, where skiing is a way of life. Ski itineraries with High Peak Adventures combine access to incredible backcountry mountain landscapes and steep ski lines, with the warmth of rustic mountain huts, and welcoming alpine villages. All in the famous glaciated terrain and excellent snow conditions of high rugged peaks.

Hut to Hut Ski Tours & Ski Safaris

Join us on the Haute Route or for one of the other classic hut-to-hut ski tours around the Alps, including chasing cappuccinos and pasta around the Ortler Region, skiing the longest glacier of the Alps in the Bernese Oberland or hut-to-hut touring to the summit of Grand Paradiso in Italy.  Tours start at €1000/pp

Ski Mountaineering

There is nothing quite like climbing a peak and making turns as you drop off the top.  We have lots of options in the Chamonix area, even more if you want to explore other regions.  Fun introductory tours include the climbing over the Breche Pouseux, touring/climbing the Tour Ronde or Aiguille du Tour, and skiing from the summit of the Aiguille du Argentiere.  More advanced options include skiing from the summit of Mont Blanc and other 4000 meter peaks in the range, or taking on some of the more extreme descents in the area.

Off-Piste Skiing and Backcountry Ski Tours

Join us for resort based off-piste skiing and backcountry ski tours in the Chamonix area.  We offer options including skiing the Vallée Blanche, touring the Italian side of the Mont Blanc Massif and exploring around the Argentière Basin and into Swtizerland.  See below for additional details and other destinations.

Prices from €300 for 1 person to €500 for groups of 4-6.


Discover a culture rooted in skiing and adventure, as you explore the Alps with us.

We specialize in creating custom multi-day off-piste and touring itineraries around the Alps, from the Bernese Oberland to Zermatt and the Italian Dolomites.  Based in the Chamonix Valley, we also offer guided day trips around the area, including Verbier, Courmayeur and the Val d’Aosta.

Off-Piste skiing and touring options around the Chamonix area are endless!  With our expertise leading the way, you can enjoy the best backcountry conditions at one of the five resorts around the valley, or tour the glaciated terrain Argentière Basin and the Vallèe Blanche. We also offer trips to nearby resorts in Courmayeur and Verbier to explore their off-piste terrain, and lead ski tours in the Val d’Aosta.

For more advanced skiers, we can open access to advanced ski mountaineering objectives, dropping classic steep lines like the Cosmiques Couloir or the Glacier Rond. We have the experience and expertise to take you there safely.

The ski tour of a lifetime, the Haute Route traverses over 120km from Chamonix to Zermatt over the course of an entire week. The tour is world-renowned and an unforgettable experience.  While not overly difficult, it requires good fitness and solid foundation of touring experience. 

We have pre-planned trips for those looking to join a group, and create custom itineraries for private groups looking for their own trip.  We also offer different variations to the route (including the classic Grand Lui variation), and provide heli assisted options for those looking for a different experience.  Contact us for details.

In the Alps north of Venice, the Dolomites offer several beautiful skiing destinations in one of the most stunning mountain ranges in the world.  Going on hut-to-hut tours and skiing off-piste couloirs between the area’s towering rock summits is the name of the game here.  We offer custom week-long trips to this destination.

The Bernina and Ortler regions offer excellent ski touring and ideal introductions to ski mountaineering.  During the month of March, we offer 5-7 day long espresso laden and pasta rich tours around the Ortler Region, and a hut based itinerary of ski mountaineering link-ups in the Bernina Alps.  What’s your fancy?

Last, but certainly not least, we offer off-piste skiing, hut-to-hut ski tours and ski mountaineering objectives in the Bernese Oberland.  Follow James Bond’s tracks down from Piz Gloria above the stunning village of Mürren, ski powder under the the infamous North Face of the Eiger, tour from hut to hut down the longest glacier in the alps, and ski one of the famous 4000 meter peaks in the area along the way.  You can do it all in the Oberland, and enjoy tasty rösti & cheese fondue along the way.

Ski Weeks


In addition to offering our ski guiding services, we can help you plan the details of your trip.  Creating your ideal ski week can be as simple as having us recommend a hotel & meeting you for some skiing during the day, tracking down some great snow and beautiful turns along the way.  Or it can be as complex as helping you organize your groups lodging needs, selecting itineraries, arranging instructors or guides as needed and capping it all off with some great après and a fine meal at one of the best restaurants in town.

If you are interested in visiting a major ski destination like Chamonix, St Moritz or Zermatt, but need some guidance to create the ultimate vacation, consider our consultation.  We will dial in the logistics, guide you around the area, and  along the way ensure you are having the best experience possible.  From finding the perfect snow & routes, stopping at the best lunch huts along the way, setting up reservations at the choice restaurants, and knowing where to stay & what to do, we will create an unforgettable experience for you and your group.

Skills Development Courses

Hiring a guide in the Alps often includes skiing or climbing fantastic objectives, but often not enough attention is given to developing technical skills.  To address this demand for independent skills development, we offer the following courses, which can be tailored to fit your time frame, needs and level of experience:


Glacier travel

Ski TouringAre you keen to start touring outside of the resorts, but don’t know where to start, or are concerned you will slow your ski partners down?  Sign up for an intro course and allow us to break it down for you step by step.  We will explain how the ski touring equipment works, show you how to use it and some of the tricks to being efficient with it, introduce you to your avalanche safety equipment (beacon, shovel, probe),  show you how to use it, and incorporate a fun introductory tour in the process.  This is a great opportunity to get started on the right foot and learn from a professional.

Climbing a steep boot pack with skis in the TetonsWe offer single or multi-day courses to develop a solid foundation of ski-mountaineering techniques.  Learn what equipment is required and how to use it, including practicing setting up rappels, descending with skis on and off, how to build basic snow, rock and ice anchors and the basics of route selection and safe travel.  While becoming proficient in this realm can take years, we can set you up for success by creating a solid foundation to work from.

Crevasse RescueSkiing off-piste on the glaciers around Chamonix can have grave consequences.  Learn the basics of safe glacier travel on skis and how to rescue a partner that has taken a crevasse fall.  Objectives include learning proper preparation for skiing on glaciers, how to arrest a fall, build a solid anchor, check on your partner and rescue them as needed.

Why Ski with Jeff Witt & High Peak Adventures?

Working as a backcountry ski guide since 2005, and more recently as a ski instructor at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to your skiing adventure. Well versed in single day backcountry ski objectives, multi-day touring itineraries and both lift or heli assisted off-piste agendas, we will make the most of your day, seeking out the best conditions and experiences for you and your groups skill set.

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