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Why Ice Climb with Jeff?

When he first swung ice tools into a frozen waterfall in 1999, Jeff was unsure how this new sport would appeal to him.  It was climbing, which he always loved, but on such a strange and unforgiving medium.  Fast forward to the present day and you can find him teaching ice clinics for Adidas, climbing and guiding beautiful hanging frozen waterfalls and pursuing the longest routes around.  Come climb with him and learn a few the techniques he has picked up along the way.

What would an Ice Climbing week look like?

Between Cogne & Kandersteg, there are multiple world class ice climbs within just a few hours of Chamonix.  We recommend 4-6 day long climbing weeks to maximize the value of your trip, giving you time to find your swing and technique again, and then put it to use on a beautiful & challenging route by the end of the trip.  Options are plentiful, however Cogne is a good place to start; plentiful ice climbs, a beautiful, traditional Italian mountain town, supplemented with an endless supply of delicious food and coffee!


The Alps have several world-class destinations to climb ice – we can chase frozen waterfalls in France, Italy and Switzerland in the winter, and during the summer go up into the mountains and climb alpine ice in the gullies and steep north faces.  Some destinations include:

There are a handful of decent ice climbing zones around Chamonix, notably the Creamerie above Argentiere.  When the snow is flying, consider the 1.5 hour drive to Cogne, which plenty of crags and longer routes to make it worth the effort.

Home to some of the best ice climbing in the Western Alps, Cogne’s location and ease of access makes it a popular destination.  Here, we can top rope and work on technique on all difficulties of ice, and climb mixed routes as well.  Finally, the multi-pitch routes are both plentiful and awesome.

A world-class destination in the Swiss Alps, Kandersteg offers some of the most amazing hanging frozen waterfalls anywhere in the world.  While there are some easier climbs to do, most climbers come for the incredibly steep routes that seemingly hang from the cliffs of the valley.  You definitely want to come in strong for this venue.

Finally, we offer week long custom ice climbing trips to destinations around the world.  Climb with Jeff in the Canadian Rockies, Dolomites, Norway, Scotland or his old stomping grounds in the San Juans of southwestern Colorado, home to the renowned Bridalveil Falls and the Ames Ice Hose.

Guided Routes

Jeff's Top Four

There are too many to list, but consider:

  • Lillaz Gully for a mixed adventure
  • Super Repentance for the steep ice
  • The new this year “Hidden Ice” for a memorable experience
  • Crack baby in Kandersteg

Skills Development

Day trips and Multi day

Consider using part of our trip to focus on:

  • Specific ice climbing technique
  • Developing efficiency on ice
  • Multi-pitch climbing
  • Building and cleaning anchors

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