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Helping People Around the World

At High Peak Adventures, we have been privileged to meet and connect with people around the world. We are currently involved with a couple fundraisers to help support people and causes we care deeply about. Get in touch for details on how you can support the following causes:

Support Lhakpa's Education

Lhakpa's Education

Lhakpa hails from the small village of Shomare, near the foot of Mount Everest in the Khumbu region.  His father, Mote, has worked as a high-altitude porter on several of our trips.  When Lhakpa’s close brother died in a drowning incident, we got involved to support the family with the financial burden of the traditional Sherpa funeral.  This morphed into an education fundraiser to help get Lhakpa into a better school; he is now taking classes at a small private boarding school in Kathmandu where he is excelling and has been chosen to be a team-leader in his class.  We are raising funds for two more years of school so that Lhakpa can get a secondary school degree.  

Goal:  $2500/annually

Hire an English teacher for the community school in Jetha's village

English teacher for the community school at Jetha's village

As an excellent cook and highly-requested trekking guide, any experience with Jetha will be remembered because of his kindness and humility.  When he shared his desire to hire an English teacher for the community school at his home village, we whole-heartedly agreed that this is a cause worth supporting.  Their school is one of the few in the area, and provides an education for the children of all the neighboring villages as well.  Knowledge of English is highly desired in the modern Nepali workforce, and young adults are at a disadvantage if they don’t learn it.  The funds we raise will directly pay for the annual salary of an English Teacher, so the children of this remote region can get a better education.  

Goal: $3000/annually

Get Involved!

Our fundraisers rely on the generosity of individuals. There is no middle man – we work directly with our clients and our support team to ensure that 100% of donations received go directly to the cause. To make a contribution, please contact us with the subject line “Donation”.  We will provide a secure link through which to make your donation.  Even small amounts help, and every bit is greatly appreciated!

The wise man does not lay up his own treasures. For the more he gives to others, the more he has for his own.

~ Lao Tzu